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About Us

Mr. Rayhan Gafur Biswas has founded the WiderAcad in 2020. He is a research scholar in Chemistry at Indian Institute of Science Education and Research Bhopal (IISER Bhopal), India.

Mr. Prasenjit Gayen is a co-founder of the WiderAcad. He is also a research scholar in Chemistry in the same institute.

Mr. Biswas and Mr. Gayen have the vision of introducing an online platform to establish connectivity among educational organizations by sharing news of each other’s events, conferences and other happenings via this platform and providing some necessary aid to all the community members especially students.

Our Services

WiderAcad is determined to provide the following services.

Lost & Found

Community members including students and faculties of the Institute or University can retrieve their lost items such as wallets, mobile phones, keyrings, etc that may have been found by others inside the campus, by posting it in the lost and found sections. The lost and found data once posted on the WiderAcad website never gets shared with any person not having the email Id provided by the same Institute or University.


Anyone from the Institute or University can sell or donate his or her old stuff like bicycles, books and any other things to the person in need inside the campus, availing the Donate-Sell facility of WiderAcad. The Donate-Sell data once posted on the WiderAcad website never gets shared with any person not having the email Id provided by the same Institute or University.

Generally, selling items will earn you a greater return than donating them, but practically there’s a bigger time investment when it comes to selling items.



    In vain have you
    acquired knowledge
    if you have not
    imparted it to others.

    Deuteronomy Rabbah

    (c.900, commentary on the Book of Deuteronomy)    

    Scientia potentia est:
    Knowledge is Power.

    commonly attributed to Sir Francis Bacon

    (1561 – 1626, English philosopher, statesman, and scientist)  


Senior students can enjoy sharing knowledge by helping junior students in clearing their doubts, sitting together. Faculty members can take part too, they can share their answers and explanations online in the Tutorial section itself.

Posting Ad & Notice

WiderAcad is highly dedicated to acting as an online media platform focusing only on the academic contents that will minimize the communication gap among educational organizations nationally and internationally. Advertisers have the opportunity to choose the appropriate audience for their subject of advertisement to gain high extent of involvement of concerned academicians that may enhance the quality of study and research. Generally, students are not authorized to post Advertisement or Notice in WiderAcad, but the head or president of the student activity council of the institute may post an advertisement to publicize the event to be organized by students. Moreover, the Institution body and faculty members can avail of this facility for academic purposes.

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